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  • the TEAM
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  • Uploaded by : Ian Garrett | Fri May 15 05:02:30 UTC 2009
  • Description : The TEAM is the Theatre of the Emerging American Moment. We are a New York City-based theatre company dedicated to dissecting and celebrating the experience of living in America today. We devise plays by examining a wealth of material, ranging from existing texts (fiction, theory, drama, etc.) to images taken from visual art and film, and then combining that research with original writing and staging. The work combines aggressive athleticism with delicate examinations of the social and political factors shaping our world today, keeping the brain, eyes, and heart of the audience constantly stimulated. At times a rock concert, at times a sporting event, the TEAM has been described as avant-garde meets MTV. Ours is a theatre that does not deny its youth. Our productions are relentless out of necessity, multi-tasking between hyper-intellectual commentaries and exuberant physicality; we know of no other way to behave. With sweat and humor, the TEAM's plays uphold the fragility and poeticism of the human body and spirit.
  • Movements : Theater and Performance Art
  • Themes : playful, epic, witty, pioneering, functional, architectural, experimental and atmospheric

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